• What is the delivery date for my order?

    You can check the delivery date: On the product page once you select the size for an item On the checkout shipping information page while you choose the shipping method On the Thank You page once you make payment for the order and final order details are shown
  • Can I cancel my order?

    No. If you recently placed your order (within approximately 12 hours), contact our Customer Service Department and we can try to cancel your order if it has not already been processed. However, if your order has been processed, changes or cancellations cannot be made and you will have to go throu...
  • Can I change my order details after completing my order?

    Once you have completed your order you are able to change the address ONLY if your order has NOT already started to be processed in the warehouse. To check the status of your order please login to your account. For changes please contact our customer service team via the online live chat facilit...
  • Can I Select Express shipping for Pre order items?

    Sorry, our system does not show Express Shipping option with pre-order or back order items in the cart. Our pre-order items are shipped within 5-7 working days with Standard shipping option only. In case you have a deadline to meet, please contact our support team for special arrangement.
  • How do I place an order?

    Ordering online is safe, quick and easy. To place an order please follow these steps Add your desired items to Cart. Click on ‘GO TO CART’ below the ADD TO CART button. Proceed to checkout. Either log in or sign up Select delivery method and fill out all necessary information. Place order, you ...
  • How do you charge VAT on the order?

    All prices on the website are inclusive of the VAT which is 20%. Your order confirmation will be having the breakup of VAT charged.
  • What do I do if I still haven’t received my pre-order?

    Please contact our Customer Support Team through email/Chat/Messenger in order get your Pre-order status.
  • What is pre order or back order item?

    Pre-order or backorder items are usually not available in our UK warehouse, they are made to order. Backorder usually takes 5-7 working days to be shipped.
  • What is the delivery time for pre-ordered / back order item(s)?

    Pre-ordered / Backorder items will be shipped in 5-7 business days (+ Shipping time). Backorder products are clearly marked in product page just above the BUY NOW button.
  • Where do I enter my coupon code? I am using Mobile device.

    In mobile device, our promotion code field is under Order Summary & Discount Code in the checkout page.
  • Why my Facebook account receiving order notification?

    While placing an order, on the checkout page, there is an option under Notification, "Get Order Updates, Customer service and more, Send to Messenger". If this option is checked, our system will automatically share updates on your Facebook account. To avoid this, please uncheck this option. If y...
  • Why my order is cancelled?

    If your order is cancelled, please check your registered email address for complete details. Below can be the reasons why your order is cancelled: If a customer has placed an order for wrong size or wrong item and sends a request to change, we will cancel the order and customer can place a new o...